So why look at Language and Design? Well simply put, and in anticipation of sparking a debate, I strongly believe that the skill of explaining one's design work and being able to offer a rationale for the concept(s) behind it, is as important, if not more so than being able to come up with an idea in the first place. Armed with a stack of ideas but lacking the vocabulary to articulate them (verbal or text form) could render the designer effectively redundant, certainly in terms of answering a design brief. 

OK, so not very accommodating of the 'inner fine artist' but the subjects of the Design Cluster are firmly placed in the service of the public, whichever public that might be.

So once you have your design idea, the first thing you 'design' is your rationale to explain it to your audience. To do that you need to think about the language(s) that audience understands. 

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