I Love Typography

Returning from a recent trip to Berlin, I realise that, €36 lighter of pocket, I have once again indulged my compulsive obsession with typography. Three editions of Typographic Journal slanted in my bag, within three minutes — why?. Approximately 160 pages in each edition — 480 odd pages of stuff dedicated to type — I may never read all of them!
Is it for inspiration? Is it to inspire others? Some of the articles are in German, a language I can't get to grips with, BUT I can appreciate the careful crafting of individual letter forms in groups called words, in very close relationships with one another in sentences. This is something learned with metal and wood type in letterpress at Newcastle Polytechnic — in the first year when Mac SEs arrived and later at Central Saint Martins, at the time of Typography Now. Somehow this sense of crafting with type has remained intact through almost twenty years of digital based work.
Is it right for the new era?



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