Questions by students during (you) Consume Event's Q&A session

  • Has the reliance on design and consumer goods limited man’s natural instinct to reach and adapt to a justifiable form of design?
  • As an educator (to Neil Maycroft perhaps), do you feel that design education needs to be re-examined in light of the multi tasking definition of contemporary design?
  • How can a designer be creative if governed by the world of patents?
  • Who deserves credit for the design of a new technology?
  • Do you see an end to Planned Obsolescence in the foreseeable future?
  • The Ekovore Scheme seems to require an enormous infrastructure investment involving many behavioural changes, how would you (Faltazi) effect such an investment and behavioural change?
  • How do you (Faltazi) plan on making the Ekovores project a reality?
  • What happens to the Chilian farmer? (Faltazi)
  • If consumer design is about form giving, who is responsible for creating a pleasurable user experience?
  • I think that you cannot define a product as having a good design by how innovative the form ie.: Innovative form almost sounds like a contradiction.
  • The issue of consumption has a lot to do with the lifecycle of an object. So how about designing products to increase its lifespan. Could that be something (as designers) to look forward to on this issue?
  • Ekokook seems to take up a lot of space; can the everyday man afford it? Or even fit it in a small home?
  • The Agricultural ideas are great, how long until we can have these in our cities and towns?

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